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— by Rachel-gamer(gaming and more). Rachel-gamer(gaming and more).
Ahhh? To bad. Haven't tried it yet, but. No use then? I'm fine anyways but it could be cool to try it out. Think i'm over my head with my games for now anyway so. So many mods to put time in. Jeez!

I'm gonna try two things. Test my "cards" i downloaded from Klaycus site. Think they are missions for the other maps i've got already. Can't wait for Lingor and Clafghan. Hope i can manage em to work. Two, try to run LotDs main mission (Chernarus) through Last Days. Just for fun. Maybe it works since LotD is baked in to LD. Probably not. Don't think i can access the modified map that way. Well see.

And there is less player menu settings in Last Days as well. The same as in Origins, so if it starts it surely not gonna work right.