reduce zombie aggro in dayzx?

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reduce zombie aggro in dayzx?

I'm all for a tough game, and I love the single player version because my internet is shit right now. But the zombie aggro in dayzx seems a bit ridiculous. Is there anyway I can adjust this either in the sqf files (I looked through them and only found the way to change the amount of zombies, not their aggro levels.) Or any other way?

Just an example, I killed a bandit outside of town, but the town was ~150m out and aggro'd some, ran and ditched them in the woods, looped well around and crawled back to the body when I hit the woodline (he was in a field) and within moments had 8+ zombies from the town coming at me again (still prone). I don't mind if I sprint through like elektro and aggro but it's nearly impossible to sneak.

Any help would be appreciated.