We're all playing Ravage!

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We're all playing Ravage!

The mods on here are amazing and I've been consistently impressed by the improvements that the authors have made. It's also impressive to see how long these mods have lasted and what a large player base they still have.

ArmA 3 has been out for a couple of years now and a lot of mod development has moved to it. One of the best mods for ArmA 3 is Ravage, by Haleks. You may recognise Haleks from his work on here. Well, he's certainly put the time in on Ravage and it's proving to be very popular.

The main thing to note about Ravage is that it is a mod framework rather than a mod in itself. Haleks has created something that can easily be modded to make new missions. Although Ravage comes with a missions of its own, that's really a demonstration of the system.

One of the most requested features on here is LAN play, by which people mean multiplayer without a server. It's always been rather difficult to achieve. With the latest release of Ravage, Haleks has added multiplayer support both with and without servers.

I would encourage everyone on here to give Ravage a go and I would hope that some of the mod authors from here would be interested in developing it farther. Some are already doing just that, but it would be nice to see more of you bring your expertise to the best survival mod for ArmA 3.

Full details of Ravage and discussion of its features are on a Bohemia forum page here:

There is also a wiki giving some details and hints about Ravage gameplay. And it also contains a list of all the missions that have been written for Ravage (there are ten at the time of writing).

I've made a few videos showing Ravage in action. This could well be shameless self-promotion.