Oddities and setups DaiZyers do related to gaming and computing

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Oddities and setups DaiZyers do related to gaming and computing

Rachel-gamer(gaming and more).
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Thought it was a funny thing to share some known abouts on gaming and related stuff to that here.

This DaiZyer running the main rig with a green backlit keyboard spray painted green. The keys turned blank so you only seeing the light between the keys. My mouse is painted white and have four colors. Blue, green, pink and orange. I'm normally using pink or orange with this keyboard. Also using a play station 3 controller with extender on the sticks. The extenders making the sticks ultra sensitive so you can almost do unlimited kind of moves that way. Also have a yellow, green, blue and black mouse. All got backlit. Using four keyboards at the moment. One also painted white with blank keys.

The only thing allowed is sofas. My do everything sofa is also my gaming sofa. Nothing beneath 32 inches screens is allowed. Using the keyboard and mouse more than as an accessory while gaming is not allowed.

The same day i picked my copy of Conan Exiles up i also happened to find a ten feet high plastic palm tree in a furniture store. This was an exhibition item they was throwing out for five bucks.

I've seen exactly the same tree in the game. You harvest medicine extract from it for instance. The colors and contexture is on spot the same. Lol! Now i'm having this tree next to me when i'm playing the game. To gain more of an immerse feel to the experience. Lol! How about this?Incredible.

How odd can it be? Just another day in the park.

The proper way of entering the land of Lingor.