Monolith Fighters Skin for 2017 SP mods

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Monolith Fighters Skin for 2017 SP mods

DayZ_SP wrote
OK, we (all) now have a decision that needs to be made:

A) We can have Bandits freely engage Zombies, but this will require the two, three second pause like in previous versions.

B) We can have Bandits spawn in nice and smooth as normal and engage players with the enhanced AI many seem to like... But they won't engage Zombies, however.
So, If I understand correctly, since the last update, Option B it is... I wasn't very pleased with that decision, and I kept thinking about it... And of course, having played on Namalsk recently, it reminded me of something about Stalker... In the Stalker game series, the monolith fighters are some brain-washed soldiers, obeying to mysterious masters, obviously people related to the Zone, including its mutants. The thing is that the Zombies wouldn't attack the monolith forces - something logic according to the Stalker scenario, but awkward in the DayZ context.

My point is that the bandits could be replaced by some sort of para-military forces, either some "army" of specialised scavengers (they would have found a way to repulse the zombies) or the remnants of a fanatic order responsible for the creation of the virus, I don't know... The thing is that the Sci-Fi/Post-Apocalyptic background of DayZ 2017 allow us to actually legitimize the fact that Z's won't engage those IA. Plus, there's already plenty of usable skins in Arma II, and the sigma cars mod that fedus_87 added to the SP's of 2017 is perfect...

It wouldn't have to be another Stalker mod - there's one already, eventhough I couldn't make it work properly - just another variation in the usual scenarios in DayZ.

This is only a suggestion, as I'm not able to do that myself :/