Me showing off some basics at editing and scripting.

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Me showing off some basics at editing and scripting.

Hello there, stranger!

My name is ViciousViper / Thekobr4.

Some of you know that i stopped working on updating my DaiZy mission files because i lost the interest on working on it.

I started a Youtube channel where im going to show off some basics in Scripting and editing in ArmA 3.

Im not a professional scripter / editer, i am just doing it for fun. So dont worry, i will do mistakes and my scripts wont be the best, but they are hopefully going to help you to get into scripting / editing.

If you are interested you can visit my channel, im going to post Videos weekly.

I wont ask you to subscribe, dont worry.

The link to the Channel is below -

Sincerely, TheKobr4 / ViciousViper 19.03.2014 ~
ViciousViper - The hot Sauce :3