DayZ Racoon City

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DayZ Racoon City


You are one of the fighters riot Umbrella Corporation engaged in the development of biological weapons. After the accident at the facility, "Anthill" Rekon residents of City employees and the corporation have been infected by a virus-t. Infected with the virus die - but not quite. They are the simplest instincts and they are going to kill. They do not remember your friends do not know pity, they do not know the rest. The virus is spread through blood and saliva through bites.
You are at the entrance to the city. Despite the nuclear explosion in the city center on the outskirts are still full of life, or rather death. Your task is to strip the object. The convoy, which took out the remnants of the research material does not get in touch. If anything from them no more then you have to drive by car to the base.

Based on Resident Evil film
1-8 player
No addons needed
Umbrella soldiers, vehicle (retexture BAF)
New location (based on Prov. Gr.)
A little secrets
Respawn near group