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DayB Old Version

Good day I want to introduce to you about alternative modes of survival where you will not withstand a zombie, and boty.Mod based on the version of the mod fashion Daiyz composition comprises:
1) Bots DZAI ground and air patrols do not leave you alone for a minute not.
2) Sector VNG base with bots in the north of the map.
3) Nova Weapons including rail gun, minigun with explosive bullets.
4) New Backpacks Taken from Origins mod.
5) New equipment including machinery from fashion Origins.
6) Samoperelivanie blood gas station, towing.
To install: 1) move the folder in the directory please contact Daisi igry.2) Move to folder mission Missions.3) please contact Daisi code in a folder please contact Daisi / addons.

link to the mod

This is only the first version of the mod bugs and errors will be corrected in future versions moda.V the next version of the mod will be added: 1) mission dzms 2) more friends bots, 3) mission wai; 4) new weapons and equipment.