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Daizy Factions [No AI]

I felt like a change and decided to try the version of Factions without AI; I love it.

Because you are the only player all zeds for miles are very aware of you. You have to rethink your tactics and use some serious stealth, even if you fart in the forest zeds will hear you. Long grass becomes your best friend now XD.

I really like this version because it gives more of the 'survivor' feel, it is a LOT harder to kit up as you can't loot bodies and stuff like antibiotics just went from *rare* to  *do these even exist?*

If there are others out there playing Factions [No AI] I am considering writing a guide for it ;)

I'm not saying no AI is better than the standard version, but it offers a really nice change of play-style when you're used to the standard version :p

Post feedback below :)