Best Release for my playstyle?

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Best Release for my playstyle?


I really enjoyed DAYZ when it was released, Survivors vs. Bandits and so on, nowadays its Free for all most of time and there are a lot of hackers. It feels a lot like Call of Duty.

Thats why i came to discover DAYZ SP (again), i played the really old versions without bots and only old patches support.
It was fun for a short time, it gets really boring because there is not rly much to do.

Now I took a look a some new releases and they look awesome, but im wondering which one to choose?

I really like the Survivors vs Bandits thing, the hunt for equipment and the constant threat all over the map, the challenge!

But i dont like to be forced to fight every time, i like to play stealthy, to explore and to maybe take a risk.

I dont want to walk over the map with my Godlike Squad and just kill everything i see.
Im more of a lone wolf who does not want to kill every player/NPC and only randomly groups up with other players for one fight/rescue or something like that.

One of the mod descriptions states a maximum of 1000 bots supported on the map, isnt that a lil bit to much?
(I did not test it yet!)

Which release would you recommend for my playstyle?
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Re: Best Release for my playstyle?

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Above & I have put a lot of work into Breaking Point SP and DaiZy Factions. Those two versions are, IMO, the most updated & most complete versions.
I suggest trying those ones first. ;)