An idea for a major concept change!

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An idea for a major concept change!

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Hi folks! i was just thinking about pretty much nothing when this idea hit me hard in the face! I really think it would be a major-change and maybe the end of many problems, also more fun to come with this!

Well it is really hard to explain and i dont want to be missunderstand so i would try to use few words and explain like if i playing and comenting the game with the change already done ok?

" so i spawn  in the coast,okey! go to the city for some food and meds, also a map and evetything! oh a survivor! okey greath now i have a team!  now i can switch survivors, using them both controled by my, so with one survivors i go to the firestation, switch to my first survivor in the church and make my way to the firestation which my other suvivors is waiting for me, shoots! what hapend?! hide  behind a car, looks safe enogh so switch again to my firestation survivor and go to the top of the building,oh yeah, i see the survivors, nos a friendly one doe...xD oh thats why....he is with two other guys with bandit skins je, ok clear shoot from here, 2 down one run try to flank my and go behing the chucrh, switch again and now i know where he is coming from so its not problem at all...can hide,run or engage,also i have my body cover my back" =D

Basic idea of "dayz tactical squad"
Bandits=AI, spawn like so far, in towns and citys, a few looners here and there and rarely a team of them.
Survivors=AI, spawn like so far, in towns and citys, a few looners here and there and rarely a team of them.
Companion= controled by players always  able to switch between them,  when use one the other stay just waiting to a) receive order of fire or b) be controled by player, but they AI never handle them.

I think this idea may be really interesting, so you managge your team like in a tactic game, i think companions would be much fun now that i play throgh them and we all now,infecteds aggro me xD i dont know if this is posible ,to just switch characters in game , but i think a tactic map or something like i mention above can be interesting for a SP experience.

Just sharing my thoughts folks! see you around!